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plants and productivityAdding some plant life to your office is a great way to brighten up the workplace. But what you may not have realised until now is that it’s also really good for business. You see sprucing up the place with some much-needed greenery is going to increase your team’s quality of life and their productivity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits to be gained from adding a touch of green to your workplace surroundings.

3 Reasons Plants Help Increase Productivity

1. Reduced Stress

Plants undoubtedly improve the look of any office environment but studies also show that they help reduce stress in the workplace. Plants are a fantastic addition to any office as not only do they lower blood pressure but it’s even been suggested they reduce absenteeism. Less sickies in the workplace is definitely going to help contribute towards increased productivity levels.

2. Improved Quality of Life

The good news is that it’s not just lack of stress that is going to reduce the number of sick days your staff and colleagues take. Having plants in the office also helps clean the air which in turn contributes to health improvements. Research has even gone as far as to suggest that plants play a psychological role in our well-being and that people recover from illness quicker in the presence of plants.

3. Increased Creativity and Productivityplant in board room

The best news of all for businesses is that plants can have a significant impact on our mood and creativity. Plants can really lift people’s spirits and have been proven to make us feel much happier. In fact, studies have also shown them to boost creativity and focus.  People demonstrated far more innovative thinking when surrounded by plants. In a 2014 study on the long-term impacts of plants in an office environment, researchers measured a 15% increase in productivity after previously bare offices were spruced up with leafy, green plant life.

This means more creative solutions found to problems and greater ideas generated in office environments that include flowers and plants. That has to be good for any business!

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