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fax machineWhile the fax machine might not technically be obsolete (just yet), you’ve probably wondered if it’s really worth keeping one around.

The machine itself is more than likely taking up valuable office space and is probably plugged into a phone line that could be phased out, or at the very least, used for something else.

So let’s take a look…

Do You Really Need a Fax in Today’s Marketplace?


It’s hard to imagine that there is any business on earth that isn’t contactable via email and let’s face it, the quality of faxed information can be sketchy. With a fax you can never be sure that your message ended up on the right desk, or was even received at all. Email allows you to directly contact the specific people you want to reach. Visual message quality will always be great and you can even set up alerts to let you know when the message has been received or opened.

Consider the Environment

Emailing, or using a digital fax alternative, is a far better option than a fax machine for environmental reasons. These days, documents can be completed and signed without having to print them out – and with online storage making paper filing unnecessary; you’re able to significantly reduce paper waste. Faxing, on the other hand relies on a LOT of paper, one copy to be printed at the senders end plus another one at the receivers end – not to mention fax spam!

Digital Fax Alternatives 

On the off-chance that there is a need for you to use a fax machine, then there are a range of modern fax alternatives which allow you to receive and store faxes in a digital database (as well as send them). You simply upload the scanned document and fax it directly from within the online platform. If you don’t use a fax machine then often there are free options available, or platforms that allow you to pay by the page – and remember, if you are a high volume fax user there are monthly deals that allow unlimited faxes. 

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