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networking101As a business owner it’s easy to get bogged down with the day to day running of your business. Hectic schedules leave little time for face-to-face contact with existing clients let alone get out there to meet someone new.

But networking with customers and prospects is an essential part of growing a business and nothing beats face-to-face contact.

These tips will help you avoid any blunders and set you on the path to success at your next networking event.

3 Tips For Networking Success

1. Remember Names

There is nothing more embarrassing than forgetting the name of the person you have just been introduced to. So try to commit each person’s name to memory and develop some strategies to remembering* them.

* Kwik Tip: Make a visual association by connecting a person’s name to something memorable in your world.

2. Make Eye Contact

If you’ve ever stood chatting with someone and had them avoid eye contact with you – then you’ll realise how unsettling this can be. Making eye contact also shows that you’re interested. There is nothing worse than someone looking over your shoulder eager to move onto the next person. Focus on the person you’re speaking too and simply excuse yourself when you feel it’s time to move on.

3. Timing is Everything!

If you want to make a good impression for both you and your business, then make sure you arrive on time. Don’t be the pushy person who runs in late, tries to palm off their business card quickly before rushing away to the next event. Arrive on schedule, leave at the appropriate time and use every minute wisely.

Even in today’s digital world nothing beats face-to-face contact, so choose networking events that are suited to your market. With a bit of planning you can invest quality time that helps establish your reputation and successfully builds your business network.

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