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PresentationsNeed to give a presentation? You probably already know that a great presentation is about more than how many PowerPoint slides you can put together. You have to be credible, engaging and entertaining all at once.

For some people presentations come easy, but for everyone else, we’ve put together this quick guide:

Top Tips for Powerful Presentations

  1. Establish Your Credibility – Before you even begin to get into what you have to say, you need to establish your credibility. People are more likely to engage with you, if they think you’re someone worth listening to. So share a story about your experience with the topic, make sure you have some professional materials and get their attention from the start.
  2. Bring Supporting Materials – Even once you’ve established your personal credibility you’ll need to build trust by showing that the information you’re providing is credible too. Hand out branded materials that complement your presentation content and give your conclusions and opinions more weight.
  3. Keep it Short – That old adage is true, less really is more. We live in an age of short hand communication and we’re being bombarded with information wherever we turn, so it really does pay to keep things brief and to the point. Don’t skimp on your quality information, but avoid the fluff wherever possible.
  4. Break Out the Webcam – Film yourself giving your presentation at home and take a critical look at each of your habits. Do you say “um” too much? Rock back and forth on your heels? Fiddle with the change in your pocket? Taking an outside look at yourself will help you gain some perspective about how you can improve your presentation skills.

Want some help creating memorable presentation materials? Contact the design team at your local Kwik Kopy centre today for an obligation free consultation.

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