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Project ManagementIf you find yourself juggling a number of projects at once, or have a complex project on the go that requires input from a number of people, then the best recommendation is to invest in some kind of project management system to keep everything running smoothly.

Microsoft Project is a great option to help manage – and track – projects from start to finish.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Microsoft Project

  1. Track Your Commitments – Being able to see each of your commitments at a glance means you don’t end up over committed, or unable to meet the demands of your clients. You’ll also have visual proof that you’re over committed if you have decision-makers who are delegating work to you.
  2. Track Your Staffing Requirements – Microsoft Project maps out the duration of the project as well as the man-hours required and the availability of the team members. This means you can easily see if you’re understaffed, allowing you to either manage expectations in regard to the project delivery date, or add new team members to get the work done on time.
  3. Track Your Funding – Building a forecast schedule will give you a ‘cost estimate’ for each member of the team as well as the project as a whole. So you’ll be able to see right from the start if the budget expectations are realistic, or if you’ll need more resources (to purchase printing of course!).
  4. Track Your Progress – The project forecast prevents last minute surprises by tracking progress goals as you go. This means you can take corrective actions to resolve setbacks before things get out of hand.
  5. Track Trends – Once a project is completed, you’ll have a visual snapshot of how it progressed, including any problem areas, which – combined with data from other projects – will give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses as a team.

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