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Ever wondered how some people always seem to be on top of things and never let anything get them down. Somewhere along the way these industrious creatures have learnt the art of how to just get things done. While we can’t promise that super productivity will happen overnight, we can help you make a start with these handy tips to maximise productivity.

6 ways to make your day more productive

1. Establish a morning routine

Kick-start your day with a routine that’s going to get you out of bed in the morning. It might be as simple as singing in the shower, listening to music, going for a run, eating your favourite food for breakfast – anything that helps you start your day with a positive mindset.

2. Work to your strengths

Think about when your energy levels are at their highest and try to plan your day around this. If you’re no good to anyone before a coffee (or three) then start the day with jobs that aren’t too taxing. Schedule meetings and project tasks for times of the day when your mind is at its sharpest.

3. Don’t let emails rule (or ruin) your day

Email is an effective communication tool, but it can really eat into your day if you don’t hold off on constantly checking them. Reading your emails can be hard to resist but you’ll feel far more productive if you avoid notifications and allocate certain times in your day to check emails and messages instead.

4. Value your quality time

People who make it a priority to set aside quality thinking time for themselves are often better equipped to bring their ‘A’ game each day. Avoiding back-to-back meetings and taking the time to collaborate and value the connections you have with your colleagues and loved ones will also help you be more productive in the long-run.

5. Take regular breaks

This advice may seem counter-intuitive but you need to take breaks throughout your day to recharge your batteries and feed your creativity which in turn boosts your productivity. Whether you choose to stand and stretch, chat to colleagues or go for a walk at lunch to clear your head, studies show that building regular breaks into your routine actually helps improve your concentration.

6. Drink water

Staying hydrated is good for your brain function and your energy levels. Without water you’re more likely to experience sluggishness during your day and in more extreme circumstances even dizziness and confusion. Studies show that people experience a 14 per cent increase in productivity when they drink enough water. Keep your energy going with a water bottle at your desk that you can fill up regularly.  

Let your productivity soar with a TO-DO LIST

Bonus tip to maximise productivity – writing a checklist every morning is a great way to help you get the most out of your day

To-do lists help you organise your thoughts and are perfect for helping you prioritise and manage your tasks so that you can focus on the important stuff. Keep yourself motivated with small incentives that entice you to complete each project task along the way.  

To-do lists help decide how your time will be best spent and can be used to plan your day at work or at home. Best of all, nothing feels more satisfying than being able to tick tasks off one-by-one on your to-do list as you complete them to celebrate a job well done!  

Never forget anything again! Keep track of deadlines by listing all your to-dos in the one place.

Download your FREE To-do List from Kwik Kopy today.  

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Free to-do list to maximise productivity

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