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Paper cutting is an art that dates back to the 4th century following the invention of paper by the Chinese. Throughout the years, many cultures have used paper cutting in a variety of techniques and as part of celebrations. It is something that has definitely stood the test of time and continues to be a popular art form.

If you’re having one of those weeks where you’re looking for motivation and inspiration to strike you then look no further. This intricate paper art from artist Maude White is incredibly all carved by hand and might be just want you need to spark your own creative genius.

6 Unbelievable Paper Artworks

Red tailed hawk

Red Tailed Hawk

This is from her new series of cut paper art entitled Birds I’ve Been which examines both women and birds as observers of the intimacy and action of others and as participants experiencing and processing events.

Violin piece


Part of The Water is Wide series which was exhibited at Merge in Buffalo, NY earlier this year. As seen in these photos, Maude White meticulously hand-cuts each piece to produce works of profound detail.



Another beautifully intricate piece of paper cut art which forms part of the Elephants Can Remember series – first shown at Askers in Buffalo, NY in January 2014.



Another incredible example, from the newest series Birds I’ve Seen – which is currently on display at the Western New York Books Arts Centre in Buffalo, NY.

House feather


As can be seen by the delicate house feather piece, a lot of this artist’s work is inspired by nature – creating pieces that feature birds, feathers, leaves and flowers. Maude White is also known for creating beautiful portraits of people.

Bubble girl


Each piece of paper art created can include thousands of the tiniest cuts with the artist working for hours and hours at a time to perfect every detail.


If you find yourself as much of a fan of this incredible work as the staff at Kwik Kopy are, you can check out more of Maude White’s work on her website.

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