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AUSTRALIAN OWNED_MADEAustralian consumers are some of the most discerning in the world and supporting Australian made or owned products is something that most of us would agree is important.

But did you know that more than 85% of products in the average Australian’s shopping trolley are either made my foreign owned companies or imported from other countries?


So why is it important for us to choose Australian Made/Owned?

 1.       Profits Stay in Australia

When you buy Australian, the profits stay in Australia. According to Ausbuy ( if every Australian redirected just $10 per week from foreign made items to Australian products, Australia would save an astonishing $4 billion per year.

2.       More Jobs for Locals

Buying Australian made means you are supporting local workers and Australian families. That same $10 per week from the point above would not only save Australia billions of dollars, but create an additional 100,000 jobs for Australian workers.

3.       Great for the Environment

Transporting goods long distance contributes to a significantly bigger carbon footprint. But that’s not all – Australian businesses operate under some of the strictest environmental policies in the world, which means that our manufacturing processes and agricultural controls are more mindful of the environment – and better for the world. 

4.       Worker’s Rights

Australia has some of the highest wages in the world, as well as some of the strictest standards of workplace health and safety. When you buy foreign owned products you can never be sure that workers are being treated fairly, paid well or working in safe conditions. 

5.       Accountable and Contactable

Australia makes some of the best products in the world, manufactured and grown to meet high Australian standards. That means you’re likely to get a better quality product, but if for some reason the product is faulty, buying Australian means that the supplier is not only just a phone call away, but required by law to abide by Australian Consumer Laws that are designed to protect you. 

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