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Personalised_StationeryWith so many companies making the move to online and focusing on social media marketing, it can be easy to forget to consider the impact of some of the most important means of communication with customers – your business stationery.

Personalised business stationery is an integral part of a successful business marketing plan and even if much of your interaction with customers is occurring online, your business stationery is often the only physical reminder that a customer has of your business. This makes it even more important to ensure that your business stationery design is making the right impact.

Business Logo – Your logo is one of the most important elements of your physical materials marketing plan and when done right can make all the difference in overall recognition of your brand. Your logo is the most recognisable visual aspect of your business and needs to communicate a lot in a small amount of space. If you haven’t had a logo designed, or you haven’t had the design refreshed for a number of years it might be time to chat to a designer to see how you can make the most of your design.

Business Cards – In today’s world, business cards are still very much a relevant component of networking and forging connections in the business community. While some people may choose to manually enter contact details into their phone, a printed business card acts as a physical reminder of your meeting and with a great design can help the recipient form an emotional connection and visual link to your business.

Letterhead – With the additional space allowances, a personalised business letterhead is a great opportunity to provide more information about your business than a standard business card. Businesses often include a company motto or slogan to more accurately communicate what the business does, or the values it stands for. Personalised business letterhead is a great way to market your business with a little more creative flair, while still creating a sense of overall professionalism for your business.

Brochures & Flyers – When it comes to building credibility as a professional company, your flyer design is as important, if not more than, almost any other aspect of your marketing plan. Professionally printed flyers and brochures give you the opportunity to portray your information in a way that positions you as an industry expert to be trusted. But it’s not just the quality of the flyer printing that has an impact on your credibility; it is everything from the choice of colour, to the style of font. When it comes to brochures and flyers, every aspect of the design needs to be cohesive for the message to be successful.

No matter what your business stationery needs, the Kwik Kopy team can help you design a range of marketing materials that builds brand awareness and helps you create the right impression about your business. 

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