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If you’re looking for a cost-effective and fun way to promote your brand or get some traction with your latest marketing campaign, then marketing stickers could be just what you’re looking for.  You see even in this digital age, marketing stickers continue to stand the test of time as a powerful promotional tool.

Customers and prospects love a sticker – just think childhood memories of sticking them on school bags and pencil cases and it’s easy to see why people respond so well. Let’s take a closer look at why stickers can find you better business.

5 Ways to Use marketing Stickers Effectively in Your Business

Generate brand awareness

A marketing sticker, when done right, can be great for business. Your brand name or slogan work well on stickers and if you remember to keep the design simple, don’t include too much information and use your brand colours  then you have a winning formula. Try giving out a handful of stickers to customers, friends and business contacts so that they can help spread the word and generate brand awareness.

Promote a sale using Stickers

Customised stickers are also the ideal way to promote your latest sale or special offer. You can tailor your business stickers to promote whatever message you think your target audience will respond best to. A sticker with your company logo and a Buy One Get One Free or 20% Special Discount is a fun and cost-effective way to get your promotion up and running.

Customise your packaging

Adding a customised sticker onto your packaging is a great way to keep all your product orders and marketing collateral consistent with the rest of your branding. Summer sales or a Christmas or Easter promotion provide an opportunity to add some festive flair to your stickers. Or for that extra personal touch, why not include a Thanks for Purchasing or Thanks for your Business message together with your company logo on your packaging stickers.

Promotional giveaways

Stickers are a great addition to your marketing mix when attending trade shows or other business and community events. A sticker with your logo and stand number is the perfect giveaway to offer people as they arrive at a trade show. Alternatively, a sticker giveaway at a school fete or other community event creates a talking point and offers a fun way to raise the profile of your business and brand.

Create a viral campaign

Stickers lend themselves naturally to being a viral product. They have the capacity to reach plenty of your targets and the more people who see your business stickers then the more brand awareness you create. Think about where large numbers of your target market will be and be there to hand out your stickers. Alternatively, use your stickers to let people know where they can find you online and drive them to your website or your social media platforms. A LIKE us on Facebook message or Follow Us on Twitter @XXXXX gives you have the opportunity to gain more followers and spread your message far and wide.

For quality stickers customised to your business needs, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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