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Great signage is a cost-effective way to get your business noticed and help get customers through the door. Research shows that businesses have just five seconds to get their message across to target audiences so it’s important that your signage packs a punch. Signage featuring your company logo and eye-catching colours, graphics, clear compelling messages and calls to action can really help get the job done. But as well as capturing the attention of individuals as they walk by your retail business, signage also has an important role to play in creating a complete customer experience. Here are our tips for great signage that’s also good for business.

1. Outdoor signage

Branded outdoor signage is often the first thing potential customers will see and you want it to capture their interest enough to walk through your door. What better way to do this than with signage that uses high quality, high impact visual graphics to showcase your products and services, including:

• Entrance signs
• Awnings
• Directional signs
• Window decals
• Vinyl Signs
• Magnetic signs
• Outdoor A-frame signs
• Banners

2. Mat signage

Everything you put in-store helps contribute to a positive customer experience and mats are definitely worth considering as an extra, cost-effective signage option. They offer plenty of versatility, from a welcoming entrance mat featuring your company logo to mats helping point customers in the right direction once inside your business.

open and hours signage on shop front glass window

3. Informational signage

Informational signage (also known as wayfinding or directional signage) is also important to enhancing customer experience. Signage needs to be clear, bold and concise to help people become familiar with their surroundings. Make it easy for your customer to find their way around your store and you’ll increase your chances of them coming back time and time again.

4. Accessibility signage

Every customer should be made to feel welcome and be able to comfortably navigate your business space, so accessibility matters. From accessible parking signage to your entrance/exits, fitting rooms, restrooms and more – it’s important that your signage helps clearly guide anyone with a disability around your business or retail store.

5. Persuasive signage

Persuasive retail signage that offers a creative design, plus a clear compelling way to tell your story can influence customer behaviour and entice them to further explore what you have to offer. Make sure you strategically display persuasive signage close to a particular product or promotion to help encourage customers to make a purchase.

6. Vehicle signage

Branded signage on your company vehicle gives your business an instant marketing campaign on wheels. Vehicle decals can be used on your company car, motorbike, van or truck, so when you’re driving around your local area your vehicle signage can help you connect with other people on the road who have the potential to become loyal customers.

For signage that gets your business noticed for all the right reasons, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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