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Corporate signage is a vital element to the overall marketing of your business and it’s important to get the design right. Poor signage design choices can project a negative image of your business, putting off even your most faithful customers. We reveal our top seven corporate signage mistakes you can’t afford to make:

7 Common Corporate Signage Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

1. Too Many Visuals

Overusing graphics in your corporate signage is a big no-no. Visuals can be eye-catching, but when overdone they tend to steal people’s attention away from the text. This results in signage that fails to communicate effectively, especially when you consider that most people will only see your sign for a matter of seconds before moving on.

2. Poor Font Choices

Generally speaking, traditional fonts (which are easy to read) are always the best choice for business signage. Many designers make the mistake of using fancy fonts but often it only makes the sign more difficult for people to process quickly.

3. Overcrowding in Signs

The best corporate signage keeps things simple. Your audience will only have a short time to process all the information on the sign. If you overcrowd your signage design you will only make it harder for them to focus on the information they need. For the most effective signage, keep your message clear and concise and minimise details.

4. Low Contrast

Selecting the right colours in your signage is extremely important. Many studies have proven that colours have a significant impact on people’s mood and psychology. But just as importantly, choosing contrasting colours for the background and text will make your sign far easier to read.

5. Choosing the Wrong Signage Location

Don’t make this easy corporate signage mistake! The location of your sign is vitally important. You can have the greatest sign in the world but if it’s visually blocked by trees or buildings it’s going to be useless. Choosing a professional signage company (like Kwik Kopy) is the safe bet. Your printer can check the area surrounding your business in order to select the best place for installation, as well as helping you choose the best size and materials for the job.

6. Incorrect Materials

It’s important not to sacrifice signage quality to a lower cost. Your corporate signage is an investment and if you scrimp on quality you’ll only end up paying more in long run. 

7. Not Weather Proof

Outdoor signage needs to be able to withstand all sorts of weather. Be sure to order signage products tough enough to withstand all Australian conditions. A faded and wind tattered sign is going to be bad for business and is a classic corporate signage mistake to make for DIY printers.

Want to avoid these corporate signage mistakes?

Don’t waste your time and marketing budget on these corporate signage mistakes. Kwik Kopy are the signage experts – call us for a consultation today.

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