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AIDA is an acronym for the formula commonly used to create effective marketing and advertising. But it can be extremely effective to follow when designing posters to promote your business too.

Every business wants their posters to catch the attention of their target audience, generate interest and desire and lead them towards taking a specific action. So let’s take a closer look at the acronym and how it can be used to design great posters.

What does AIDA stand for?

A – Attention (Awareness)

Stand out from the crowd. Attract the attention of your target audience.

I – Interest

Generate the interest of your targets by outline the purpose of the design.

D – Desire

Convince your target audience that they want and need your product or service and that it will satisfy their requirements.

A – Action

Lead your targets towards taking specific and measurable action.

Great Poster Designs Conforming to AIDA

1. EventBrand

The stunning colour explosion in this poster immediately captures your attention. Your eyes are then cleverly drawn down to the Event Brand logo as it is the only other area of colour. The appeal of this poster then has you scanning for further information and the URL in the right hand corner.



2. National Design Museum

The giant-red ‘K’ shape immediately captures your attention in this poster, with interest quickly generated by the heading on the right and the copy text next to it. The ‘500’ detail creates the desire and the call-to-action is to visit the National Design Museum.

National Design Museum


3. Forestle

The looking glass is what first draws your attention in this poster, before eyes would move downwards to the first line of the typography. The whole image and first heading together create the desire before finally reading the call to action i.e. the web URL at the footer of the poster.



4. Get Tactical

The illustration in this poster design grabs your attention, but you are then immediately drawn to the ‘Get Tactical’ line which generates the interest. The lower strapline leads to the desire of the dated-event and the poster also includes a final call-to-action with the URL at the base.

Get Tactical


What makes each of these posters so effective is that the design instantly grabs attention and effectively conveys the call-to-action. For powerful poster design that gets your business noticed, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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