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Our checklist covers the essential items you may need for your next conference or event. We’ve also included an estimated time-frame to help you plan your activities accurately. 

Events are a great way to increase brand awareness and grab the attention of your customers and new prospects. Once you’ve decided to host an event, attend a conference or exhibit at a tradeshow, then your success relies on a great plan at every stage – including before, during and after. Let’s take a closer look at where to focus your marketing attention to ensure your event success.

Three important stages of planning to ensure event success

When the event is approaching, then it’s time to put into place a thorough plan to help you maximise your return on investment. Decide your budget, book your venue and work out exactly what you want to achieve from your event.

1. Pre-event planning

Having a plan of action from the get-go is a must for any event success. As soon as you’ve decided on a day, time and place then it’s time to think of ways to attract your customers and prospects.

  • Spread the word via social media, your website, posters, conference flyers and/or trade show brochures
  • Ensures your brand shines with effective display material including pull-up banners, vinyl banners, media walls, directional signage, pop-up displays etc.
  • Include plenty of branded merchandise, calendars, pens, mugs and other giveaways to engage people on the day and keep your business top of mind after the event is over
  • Arrange all your print marketing collateral for the day such as company brochures, flyers, product lists
  • Train your staff to know your key sales messages to ensure a consistent level of service and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to promoting your company at the event
  • Think about branded shirts or t-shirts for everyone to wear on the day
  • Arrange lanyards, name tags, business cards and more

2. During the event

You want to make sure your target audience is engaged throughout your event. Plan a wide range of crowd-pleasing activities that encourages plenty of interaction and ensures people stick around.

  • Include live product demos
  • Have lots of promotional material and merchandise on-hand as giveaways
  • Draw lucky door prizes on the hour
  • Increase your contact list with a ‘drop your business card in the bowl’ competition – make sure you follow the Australian privacy laws!
  • Run a major competition with an attractive prize (winner to be announced post-event)
  • Live stream your event on social media

3. Post-event follow-up

Work doesn’t end once your event is over. It’s important to follow-up with customers and prospects after your function to give yourself the best chance of securing contacts and sales.

  • Give post-event updates on social media to keep the momentum going after the success of your event
  • Update your contact list and reach out to any new prospects as a result of the business cards collected
  • Email follow-up direct mail incentives
  • Prepare and send out company information packs
  • Announce the winners from your competitions and make contact with these potential new leads
  • Create an exclusive post-event offer to customers and prospects who attended your event

If you’re keen to get the most out of a company event, conference or trade show, then we can help add that all-important wow factor!

Create impact with our customised signage and display printing that includes a huge array of print products that can be tailored to transform your event and deliver a professional and impactful presentation.

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