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DesignYour logo is one of the first things other people will notice about your brand. And it’s likely to be the most recognisable element of your overall brand identity from then on. So it needs to create a great impression – every time and at every size.

It’s important that the design of your logo allows it to be scaled and reproduced easily so that it accurately reflects your brand wherever it’s seen. If your logo design is fussy or over stylised you could lose some of the detail when translating it for different purposes, such as with your large format printing.

Large format printing gives a small business the chance to make a big impression and includes all your larger style marketing products such as signage, posters and banners. These materials need to be easily viewed from a distance by your target audience which is why simplicity is key when it comes to your logo design. It will be instantly recognisable and immediately tell your audience that it is your business and brand.

Simple logos work best and when your designer talks about a logo being simple they really mean well defined and uncomplicated to deliver huge business benefits. It is impactful, easily understood and can be reproduced at any size without losing any of its appeal or branding.

When promoting your business using large format printing, remember:

Less Is More

You don’t want much text or other information because they need to absorb the message really quickly. Most of the time you’ve only got a second or two to attract people’s attention from a distance so keep things simple but bold.

Display Your Logo Clearly

Leaving space around your logo will help draw someone’s eye to your displays and signs.  Your logo doesn’t have to be the biggest thing displayed on your signage, posters or banners but targets need to be able to identify your business.

For more information about making your brand bigger using large format to attract more customers, download your free eBook.

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