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When it comes to print jobs, size matters. Big ideas call for big promotion whether it’s displayed on a poster, billboard or banner. Large format designs can be printed on materials such as vinyl to give your ad or designs exceptional colour and quality. Large format signage provides maximum exposure and impact for both marketing campaigns and business events.

If you’re still wondering what large format printing is, let us explain. Large format print allows you to execute your advertising campaigns or business creative on a large scale. Printing can be customised using various materials at any size.

In addition to pull up banners and wall-hung banners, poster printing is a good alternative in providing an eye-catching platform for your company to display their wares at business events. Posters can also have an expansive reach, especially when executed in a way that is visually engaging and informative.

In this blog we look at 5 examples of how large format printing can be effective when used for business events and marketing campaigns.

1. Just add banners

Banners are ideal for their compact style and the fact that they are easy to transport, making it easier for trade shows, exhibitions or events. Similar to the next example, good design will help your business build their brand or make a lasting impression at your next show. Plus, because pull up banners are printed on vinyl, it’s a piece of marketing collateral you’ll have for years.


Source: ”Global Banner”  by BFI is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2. Stop traffic

We all use the road, but how can we utilise the road to benefit business? The answer is vehicle decals. Car and bus stickers or magnets can be used as a mobile advertisement for your local business or marketing campaigns. There are countless examples of innovative ways to bring advertising to the road, but we really love this one from Chobani. It’s bright, innovated and it uses design to reinforce brand messaging by bringing the advertisement to people, wherever they may be.


Source: ”Chobani trailer wrap” by Clifford Smith is licensed under CC BY 2.0


3. It’s not always hip to be square

Picture a sign. Is it rectangular and two-dimensional? Now, think outside the box again and imagine being able to create a sign of any shape or size that you want. Signage that rejects the norm often entices the eye, and stands out from the rest. In this example, Ford stepped away from the traditional signage we see everywhere with a rounder, 3D style sign.


Source: ”Circle” by Marcin Wichary is licensed under CC BY 2


4. The power of the poster

In the digital age, the power of the humble poster seems somewhat forgotten. However, posters offer an advertising medium that is versatile, cost effective and able to be used in a variety of locations, including areas of high traffic like waiting rooms and receptions. All in all, the power of the poster prevails! And wordplay always rules.


Source: ”No ad” by Poster Boy is licensed under CC BY 2


5. Turn heads

People don’t just walk past windows, they look. As a method of large format printing, window display signage can capture attention, generate interest and draw customers in from the public domain. Window display signage can be customised to advertise a business event and generate buzz for a marketing campaign.


Source: Minded. Heart. Relationship. Standards. Source. by Kris Krug is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to express or promote your next marketing campaign, the team at Kwik Kopy can help. Call us today.

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