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Making your brand bigger

When it comes to getting each customer’s attention, so much of your business credibility relies on the quality of your materials and not just the materials that you hand out to customers, the bigger stuff too.  Even in an age, where budgets are moving toward online activity, large format continues to be a great addition to the marketing mix.



Large format printing includes all of the traditional larger style marketing products such as: 

  • Posters
  • Trade show banners
  • Special event advertising
  • Window display signage

Some other innovative large format printing includes;

  • Vinyl wall paper
  • Weather resistant signage
  • Car decals
  • Indoor signage
  • Canvas printing
  • Outdoor banners
  • Adhesives
  • Printed Textiles
  • Acrylic printing
  • Aluminum printing
  • Exhibition signage
  • PVC printing

Thinking big can grow your business

Large format gives you a chance to be creative whilst at the same time offering versatility and affordability. It’s a simple and effective way to capture people’s attention about what you do and the great products and services you have to offer, as well as increase that all important client-base!

Only limited by your imagination

The advent of digital printers means that large format printing is more accessible (and affordable) than ever before.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, large format printing is available at multiple formats and substrates at a fraction of the cost of traditional signage. 

Choose the right materials

Choosing the right materials is an important step in maximising the effectiveness of your large format print.  As a first step, decide what you want to display and where. For example, for durability, outdoor signage should be made with weather resistant vinyl or canvas.  However, indoor posters can use a paper or card stock. If you planned to mount the posters on a display stand, you could also explore using a thinner, less hardy (less expensive) paper stock. 

Make a big statement

If you want to make a clear, bold and memorable statement about your business then large format is a smart marketing choice. You can make incredible visual impact using banners, signage, posters, vinyl stickers – the possibilities are endless. 

Large format is a great way to transform any space if you’re looking to brighten your business premises and promote your products and services.  When preparing your large format artwork, remember to keep your message simple, headline driven and include only limited bullet points if required, no body copy.

Maximum exposure 

Large format printing is all about advertising the big stuff and when it comes to business signage, the bigger the better. These days, the vast majority of advertising comes to your customers through the small screens of their laptops and smartphones which is why being faced with larger than life, tactile advertising can have such a powerful impact. That’s the power of large format printing! 

Help clients beat the Christmas rush

Now might just be the perfect time to remind customers and prospects of what you do. What better way to spread the word than with large format printing. For example, posters and banners are perfect for displaying your ‘festive theme’ promotions or advertising specials to give business a boost in the lead up to Christmas.

If you’re looking for tips on making the most of large format printing options for your business, Kwik Kopy has a terrific eBook ‘Making Your Brand Bigger with Large Format Printing’ that contains plenty of tips, including:

  • How to make your logo look amazing even when it’s massive
  • Tips on attracting customers
  • Information on all the latest innovations for branded promotions and much more!

Click here to download your FREE eBook or call the team at Kwik Kopy to find out more about how large format printing can get your business noticed.

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