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Choosing the right paper for your print project can be overwhelming, and at Kwik Kopy we understand that not everyone has the years of experience dealing with paper that we do. Let us help by giving you a quick introduction to paper sizes.

The first thing you need to know is that each of the paper sizes listed below scales down by exactly half the one above, i.e.: The A1 paper size is the size of an A0 folded in half.

You can use that rule as a size guide by using a standard piece of paper from your printer (A4) and using it as a starting point to get a good visual representation of the other sizes. Put 2 pieces of A4 paper side by side to see the size of an A3 sheet, and fold the A4 in half to see what an A5 looks like.

You can use your A4 piece of paper as a guide to help you visualise each of the sizes below.

Paper sizes at a glance for Posters and Signage

A0     841mm X 1189mm
A1     594mm X 841mm
A2     420mm X 594mm
A3     297mm X 420mm
A4     210mm X 297mm
A5     148mm X 210mm
A6     105mm X 148mm
A7     74mm   X 105mm
A8     52mm   X 74mm

Then, the exception that proves the ‘half the size above’ rule is DL. DL paper size is 100mm x 210mm and especially effective in flyer design.














As for deciding which paper size would best suit your individual business signage campaign, that can be a little trickier. It’s best to speak to one of our designers to get a good idea of what the best choice is based on your campaign requirements, but as a general guide this is what we recommend for some of the most popular paper sizes:

A4 Paper Size – A4 is great for letterhead printing and general business stationery, brochures, docket books, booklets, notepads and even smaller sized posters.

A5 Paper Size – A5 is best for corporate brochure designs, notepads, greeting cards and postcards.

A6 Paper Size – A6 is a great choice for brochure printing, flyer designs, fridge magnets, greeting cards, postcards and small docket or notebooks.

A7 Paper Size – A7 is fantastic for smaller print options like fridge magnets, business cards, small postcards and flyers.

DL Paper Size – DL is perfect for corporate brochures and flyer designs, and is especially effective in direct mail campaigns.

Custom Sizes – Remember, we also offer custom trimming so we can always create any paper products in any size you require.

Still confused? At Kwik Kopy, paper is our second language. Whether it’s a brochure, flyer, letterhead or poster, our team can advise you on the right paper size to suit your campaign requirements. Give us a call today

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