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Tired of spending money on large format stickers that ruin your reception area? Are you looking for new ways to spruce up that boring office or shop wall? Well look no further, removable wallpapers are here to save the day!

Removable Wallpaper: Pros for Business

It’s Versatile

Wallpaper decals can be used in infinite ways. Transform a boring office wall instantly with removable wallpaper and use this space to communicate positive thoughts and messages that will inspire the workplace. You can recreate signs and instructions as decals and post them around your office and shop. This is a great way to take a boring element and transform it into a colourful part of your workplace.

They can also be used in stores. Use wallpaper decals to let customers know you’re having sales and offers. Wallpapers make for beautiful and unique styling that can be customised to fit your needs. 

Reusable and Mobile

Removable wallpaper isn’t made that way just for the purpose of adjusting it or the sake of easy removal. Removable wallpaper It is also great for reusing the wallpaper, especially when you want to move to a new space. This is especially true for wall signage and decals that are seasonal. Instead of having to order a new “50% OFF” full wall decal every time you have a sale, removable wallpapers can be stored and reused instead.

Removable Wallpaper: Cons

DIY Design is Difficult

Designing for large areas is a true art, so we definitely wouldn’t recommend tackling the design of your printed wallpaper or decal on your own. Our large format designers need to carefully consider image resolution, colour changes (depending on the wall background) and installation limitations before they even get started on this kind of design job. Remove this hassle by leaving any design tasks to the professionals.

Installation: You Should Still Hire a Professional 

The average DIY-er will probably be excited to get their hands on their new removable wallpaper decal, anticipating the excitement of putting it up on their own. But as easy as application might be, it is still advisable for any business to hire a professional instead when possible.

Of course we recommend speaking with your local Kwik Kopy Centre about your wallpaper requirements. You will get the best finish if the person who measures up, prints the wallpaper and installs it is from the same signage business and follows the job from start to finish.

Removable wallpaper for office walls

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