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new-customersIf you want to attract more customers through the door then you need to invest time and energy into finding ways to appeal. Here are some simple tips that will keep you and your staff busy serving customers keen to visit.

5 Steps to Attracting Customers into your Store

  1. Become More Social

The first step in today’s digital age is to make sure you’re both active and proactive on Facebook and other social media platforms suited to your products and services. Learn anything and everything you can about engaging with your local community, creating fans and keeping them.

  1. Host a Customer Event

Do whatever it takes to get the word out and encourage people to make a visit in person to your store. If you have an email list then make sure you use this to spread the word about special in-store promotions and invite customers personally to a shopping or product information event they might enjoy.

  1. Look After your VIPs

Make your regular customers feel special and help give customer loyalty an even further boost by setting up a VIP customer program. Send out special member / VIP customer only promotions and hosting exclusive VIP customer shopping nights where you provide sneak peeks into new products or services or give valued customers access to special offers.

  1. Create a Great Window Display

Making customers feel special and offering great products and services can help build loyalty but a great window decal display is going to get your passers-by in the door in the first place. Look for ways to create window displays that will be as attention-grabbing as possible using great colour and visuals. Try using different fabrics, textures and materials, make sure your products are beautifully arranged so that people will want to stop and take notice.

  1. Ooze Street Appeal

Great signage that can be easily seen from a distance and appeals to someone walking by your store is the first step to oozing street appeal. You only have a few seconds to attract people’s attention to make sure you use great visuals and designs that clearly reflect your branding. Your company logo should be displayed clearly to help people instantly recognise who you are.

For quality signage, quality displays and promotional products that entice more customers into your store, contact the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.


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