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Expo brandingExpo season can be the perfect time to get some targeted brand exposure for your business. You see the great thing about exhibitions is that you’re selling to warm leads. After all, if they weren’t interested in your industry, they wouldn’t be there!

So, the hardest part is already done, now all you have to do is knock their socks off with an amazing booth.

Let’s take a look at how…

6 Tips for Successful Expo Branding

1. Plan ahead

Start by figuring out what the focus of your expo display will be (e.g. new product launch, hoping to build database, highlight a specific service). Once you know what you’re aiming for, you can determine your next steps.

2. Choose your size

When it comes to expo booths, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. A successful set up is all about using your space as effectively as possible – especially if you’re on a tight budget.

3. Make a visual impact

Excellent visual materials are a must if you want to capture the attention of the crowds. First impressions are always important, but at an expo they are crucial. Remember, you only have a split second to set yourself apart from a crowded room full of competitors.

4. Know it all

Selecting the right people to man your booth is vitally important. They need to be able to confidently field any questions that might come along – and answer with passion and knowledge – no matter how obscure, or how many times they’ve already answered the same question that day!

5. Give out freebies

Everyone loves something for nothing and expo patrons are no exception. Get some promotional products made up, or give away free samples of your product. Anything you give away will be a nice reminder of your brand once the day is over.

6. Get great signage

Now this is where bigger really IS better. Don’t be afraid to make an impact with your signage. Choose high quality materials and vibrant print options to make sure your materials not only look great – but last a long time too.

For advice on how to get your business noticed at the next expo, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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