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VinylThe first thing you need to know about vinyl printing is that it’s better than printing on paper. Simple. The next thing you need to know is that graphics will look even more awesome once printed on vinyl. Easy. Now, consider the difference in quality you notice between images in a glossy magazine compared with a newspaper. Got a visual? It’s a pretty noticeable difference right? This goes to show that the material you print on will have an impact on the overall outcome and appearance of coloured inks.

Make your colour pop

Printing images on vinyl will make the colours and graphics brighter and more defined, helping the images to stand out and make an impact. Vinyl is a durable material and will last longer compared to paper printing which makes it ideal for posters and banners. Investing in promotional materials that last are also really important so light-fast, sun resistant inks should be used on vinyl to keep colours and images looking fresh.

Investing in materials that last

Vinyl is durable, so your artwork will survive in a variety of conditions, from trade shows and events to indoor office spaces and outdoor business signage. You also have the option of using waterproof or UV resistant vinyl to prevent damage from rain, sun and wind. As extra protection from the elements you can even coat the vinyl with a protective layer that is tough enough to be tread on, in fact you could walk all over it! This makes it an ideal material for floor signage and outdoor use.

Create different shapes and sizes

The fun thing about vinyl is its versatility. It can be cut into any shape or size you can think of – that means no limitations on creativity! Now, if that wasn’t enough, you can let your imagination run wild with vinyl, for example waterproof stickers – they stick to almost anything! Alternatively, you can have vinyl wallpaper prints (or decals, as they’re known) to decorate your office, walls, windows, or store front. Think inspirational messages on the walls at your gym, sale signs on the windows of your store or creative visual merchandising to attract new customers. It’s a really simple and cost effective solution in bringing personality to a space. Being lightweight, vinyl doesn’t require a lot of adhesive. This means you can peel it off without damaging the surface it has been applied to. What more could you want?

Convenient and easy to buy and apply

Canvases and mounted boards are difficult to transport (not to mention carry!) and are heavy to hang. In contrast, vinyl is easy to move and reuse. Depending on your selected display structure, it’s generally simple to assemble and if you ever need space saving storage, vinyl can be easily rolled up without damaging the print.

Vinyl can be used anywhere and everywhere

Best of all, vinyl prints are incredibly versatile and can be reused for multiple situations that may arise from time to time. This means, you’ll be prepared for any last minute business opportunities without exhausting your marketing budget or scrambling for old, out of date posters in storage. Our tip is to keep a couple of generic pull up banners, posters or wall hung banners on hand, in case for when new opportunities pop up. You can easily advertise your brand at trade shows, special events and shop fronts at a moments notice. Plus, vinyl is flexible and lightweight so it’s easy for mobile marketing, including vinyl car wraps and boat decals.

Minimise waste

Vinyl is also great for workplaces with green initiatives. We recommend speaking with your printing supplier about how you can reduce waste by having multiple designs printed on the same sheet of vinyl. This will also help to minimise waste when printing die cut stickers. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, it will save your business money!

Look like a professional

Have you ever been to a trade show and looked around at the bright and glossy banners and posters beaming back and thought, “wow, that business must know what they’re talking about?” Well, you can look like that too! Vinyl printing will make your graphics look more professional, clean and crisp. Also, paper creases easily, especially around the corners that make it prone to tearing and flying away. Remember the posters with the tattered edges you tacked to the walls as a teenager? This is the last thing you want to happen to your materials. Vinyl prints won’t wear out over time, so your brand’s image will be always be maintained.

Kwik Tips and considerations for printing on vinyl

  • Will your print be displayed indoors or will it be affected by the sun, rain or wind? If so, you may need to request weather resistant vinyl or coated layers.
  • Would it work best printed on sticker vinyl or is it a heavy, large format print that may need an adhesive?
  • Remember, the greater the GSM (grams per square metre), the thicker or heavier the stock so the vinyl won’t be as flexible.
  • Discuss the presentation of the vinyl with your printer. Depending on the situation, they may recommend a stand for pull-up banners, special coating for protection, adhesive for application or grommets for hanging.

The benefits of printing on vinyl outweigh those of printing on paper. So for your next large format graphic, speak to your local Kwik Kopy about vinyl printing.

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