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Both music and art visually express what you cannot say, and when you blend the two; they can say a whole lot more. We’re talking about the humble music event poster, a digital explosion of two art forms, and here in Australia we’ve had some of the best. So let’s take a look at what makes these gig posters so powerful.

1. Tame Impala by Leif Podhasky

Perth band Tame Impala stepped into a world of cubist surrealism in a poster for their 2010 tour of ‘innerspeaker’. The bold visuals inject a psychedelic feel to honour the band’s psychedelic sound, the artwork was created by Australian artist Leif Podhasky.



2. Midnight Oil

History has taught us that Pop Art can make anything look good, even tinned soup. So when Australian bands Midnight Oil and the Hoodoo Gurus put a touch of Andy Warhol to their haunting poster, the result was a feast for the eyes.

Midnight posters











3. Sunny Side Up

An iconic band calls for an iconic poster. This bright and bold poster brings the 60’s to 2012 for Australian rockers Sunnyboys. Don’t let simplicity fool you, the colours, shapes and symbols do their share of the work by representing the band visually while also capturing the attention of the audience.

Sunny movie poster














4. ACDC by Graeme Webber

English Photographer and graphic artist Graeme Webber encapsulates ACDC’s ‘in your face’ nature in a poster promoting their equally wild tour of ’76. Melding photography with digital modification, this striking piece is recognisable and loved by many Australians.

ACDC poster











5. A Visual Feast – Paul Kelly and Neil Finn

They say music and art are the colours and textures of your imagination, and this is visually transcribed in a piece for Paul Kelly and Neil Finns stint at ‘A day on the green’ in 2013, which in this case, lets the art do the talking!

Neil Finn & Paul Kelly poster










Do you have a favourite Australian music poster or band? Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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