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Business signage can not only fit within the budget of small businesses, but it is also highly effective. What’s more it’s a great way to get your business the attention it deserves. When it comes to signage you don’t just have to think big. Gone are the days when investing in signage meant big billboards, today you have a wide range of options to choose from to promote your products and services to potential customers.

Billboards are one form of large format signage that’s great for building brand awareness, but let’s take a closer look at the other signage options available to get your business noticed.

6 Great Business Signage Options to Get You Noticed

Window Signs and Decals

what business signage do I needWindow signs and decals are a great way to brighten up an empty window, transform your business shop-front and create an eye-catching branded advertising space to attract passers-by. A window decal is a large custom sticker with an image on the front and adhesive back that can be applied to any glass surface.

With the great technology available, you can create window signs and decals with attractive graphics in a range of different colours that complement your branding to help your business ooze street appeal. Window signs and decals are perfect for attracting customers to your business and for highlighting everything from current sales promotions to featuring your opening hours company logo.


Outdoor postersPosters are an ideal marketing tool for promoting your products and services in your local area. Whether you’re an established business in your area or a new company just starting out. A professional design, compelling copy and the right distribution plan can help you effectively reach your potential customers.

Posters offer an effective promotional tool for small businesses because they allow you to target a particular area. So if you’re a taxi business you could display your posters outside the local train station. A café or restaurant could advertise at a local bus stop featuring special meal deals and directions to your location.

Point of Sale (POS) and Retail Signs

retail signsCapturing the attention of individuals as they walk by your retail business is the first step of getting them through the door. What better way to do this than with great retail signage and point of sale material that uses high quality, high impact visual graphics to showcase your products and services.

Retail signage and point of sale displays that offer creative design and a clear compelling way to tell your story, entice customers to further explore what you have to offer. Strategic displays of signage and POS material close to points of purchase can influence customers to make a purchase.


A frame signA-frame signs are a popular and affordable advertising display solution for businesses. A-frame signs are portable, lightweight double-side display stands often used for advertising outside shops, restaurants, cafes, real estate agents or any business with street frontage.

Also known as sandwich boards, A-frame signage is made in metal, PVC or plywood and comes in a range of sizes. They’re an ideal option for businesses who need to constantly keep customers up-to-date with messages, promotions and/or daily specials as well as attract the attention of passers-by.





Floor Graphics

Floor decal

Floor graphics can transform a space. They can include great visuals in the form of company logos, photos and branding. They are an effective form of in-store advertising attracting the attention of shoppers and can also be used for trade shows and exhibitions or any business setting.

If you want to enhance to experience of anyone visiting your business or store, then floor graphics offer a creative solution to capture the attention. Floor graphics need to be made from the right materials to withstand wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, moisture and/or UV exposure. They also need to be applied correctly so that your customers can walk over them safely.

Floor graphic from Hair Expo Awards Gala night for Hair Expo Australia.


Car Magnets and Decals

Car decalsIf you want to get your promotional message all over town then car magnets and decals will deliver the right results. Car magnets and decals are available in a range of sizes. They are produced using high strength materials that are durable, UV resistant and weatherproof. They are a fully customisable, long-lasting vehicle signage option that can be placed on the back or side of your vehicle.

Car magnets and decals act as moving billboards to promote your brand. Make the most of car magnets and decals as a promotional opportunity. Even time spent on the road (or in a traffic jam) becomes time well spent for your business with free advertising anytime your vehicle is seen.

As you can see, business signage offers an affordable medium and if you’re looking to tap into your local market. It’s a great way to reach your target audience as they walk past, while spreading the word about your products and services to people in your community.

Remember, business signage should always reflect your differentiation, professionalism and brand promise.

The large format experts at your local Kwik Kopy can create effective business signage to stand out from the crowd.

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