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If you’re looking for an eye-catching, budget-friendly way to stand out from the competition, then why not consider vehicle signage? After all your vehicle is a key asset for most small businesses and it offers the perfect platform to generate huge brand exposure.

Business benefits of vehicle signage

1. Gets your brand noticed

Just think of all the kilometres you clock up driving to and from work – or between jobs during the day – and all the cars and pedestrians you pass by as you go about your business – all with the potential to become valued customers. 

2. Increases customer reach

Your vehicle signage has the potential to boost business anywhere it can be seen. For example, if you’re a tradie busy working in someone’s home then your vehicle signage is continuing to work hard promoting your business to neighbours and passers-by.

3. Inspires trust and credibility

Branding your vehicle also shows people you’re serious about your business and helps build their trust. Taking the time to invest in professionally designed signage also shows your targets you care and inspires confidence that you’ll take care of your customers too.

4. A cost-effective solution

If you have a vehicle for your business, then vehicle signage offers a cost-effective way to promote your brand. It’s an investment that fits with most small business budgets and with the potential to reach so many targets then it’s also going to give you a great return.

Types of vehicle signage to consider

1. Vehicle wraps

Choose from full or partial vinyl vehicle wraps* that, when heated, fit to the contours of your vehicle perfectly. The result is a high-quality wrap that looks like part of the paint-job of your car.

2. Vinyl lettering

When you don’t need a full vehicle wrap, vinyl lettering offers a cost-effective and high impact solution. The letters and/or images can be applied directly to any flat area on the vehicle.

3. Ute tray signage

A great option for tradies looking to promote their business, ute tray signage is constructed using hard-wear aluminium materials and coated with UV protection to extend the life of the sign.

4. Vision windows

Made from vinyl, with perforated holes, this signage looks like advertising from the outside, but the ‘one-way vision’ technology means you can still see out of the glass while you drive.

Tips for effective vehicle signage

1. Go big or go home

Remember, you’ll be on the road and most of your audience will be in a moving vehicle too, so big clear lettering and high contrast colours are a must for your vehicle signage.

2. Keep it simple

For the same reasons, your message should be able to be read quickly. You don’t need to list every product or service you offer, stick with the most important message and one preferred contact method.

3. Go high quality

The Aussie climate is tough, so it’s important to use high-quality materials. Higher quality vinyls will withstand regular cleaning, last longer in the elements, show less wear and tear and generally look better.

4. Be a good citizen

Having an advertisement with you wherever you go means that you’re always representing your brand. So, whatever you do, stick to the speed limit and draw attention to your vehicle for all the right reasons!

At the end of the day, if you’re already using a vehicle for work, and you don’t have vehicle signage, then you could be missing out on the perfect opportunity to advertise your business. With the right signage your vehicle can become a mobile billboard, attracting attention and potential customers wherever you go.

5. Use on Vehicles in Good Shape

Decals are difficult to place on any vehicle that is damaged or rusty, so make sure it’s in good shape. Not to mention the fact that a damaged vehicle will not look good for your brand image.

6. Work with a Professional Designer

Working with a graphics team like your local Kwik Kopy Centre will ensure that you develop the right vehicle branding for your business. A professional graphic designer can help you create a dynamic end-result that turns heads in order to raise brand awareness and get your message across quickly and clearly.

Please contact your local Centre today to discuss which option is right for you.

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