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DigitalmenuWhen it comes to menu boards in restaurants the impact of digital signage can be quite significant. In fact, according to recent figures, digital menu boards can contribute to an increase in sales by a staggering 64% in some restaurants.

So whether you’re a restaurant owner or someone who enjoys eating out, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of digital restaurant signage.

5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

1. Puts you in control

The automation of digital menu boards means you’re able to easily rotate menus throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) as well as change images and information such as item and price change. An added bonus is that cloud-based digital signage platforms let you control your menu board from off site locations.

2. Cost-efficient

Digital menu signage reduces the need for printed menus and has the additional benefit of saving your service staff time. Digital signage lets you display menu prices, dishes and ingredients so clearly that staff can spend less time clarifying these things and devote more time to efficient customer service.

3. Entertainment value

Digital signage is a great way to update and entertain your customers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can display – from news and special events through to recipes, favourites dishes and customer promotions.

4. Keeps you in-synch

If you operate more than one venue or a whole chain of restaurants then you will reap the benefits of digital signage. You’re able to deliver consistency by synchronising the same information at the same time on every digital menu board at your various locations.

5. Mood enhancer

Next time you’re at a restaurant with digital signage and menu boards, think about how it changes the ambience of the restaurant. Digital signage and menu boards for all to see can definitely make a positive impact with customers.

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