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print marketingPrint has been around for a thousand years in one form or another and in spite of the popularity of all things digital, it continues to offer businesses a number of highly effective forms of marketing collateral to choose from.

4 Valuable Print Marketing Tools in a Digital World

1. Business cards

A printed business card offers an easy, affordable and effective way to showcase your brand personality.

There is no doubt that exchanging a printed business card when first meeting a business contact can make a great first impression. What’s more, it is a physical exchange that just can’t be achieved through LinkedIn, Facebook or an eCard.

2. Brochure and Flyers

There is nothing like a professionally designed and printed flyer or brochure to showcase the quality of your brand. The flexibility you have when it comes to distributing your flyer or brochure makes them very effective marketing tools. Hand them out at conferences, tradeshows and other events, leave them at venues for people to read (and hopefully show others) or even deliver them door-to-door – the possibilities and exposure for your business is endless!

3. Letterhead and With Comp Slips

A personalised letterhead or with compliments slip offers you the perfect opportunity to market yourself with a little more creative flair and project a sense of overall professionalism for your business. As an added bonus, your printed message also presents a window of opportunity to ‘cut through’ the many emails people receive and help you get your message right in front of your targets.

4. Invitations

Let’s not forget that a printed piece can engage a person in a way that is impossible to achieve online. Invitations are a wonderful example of how effective receiving something tangible can be. A printed invite can be a great way to gain attention and build anticipation for an event your business may be hosting.

And a word about QR Codes

QR codes offer businesses the opportunity to combine print and digital. The use of QR codes on a range of print marketing collateral can be a quick and effective way to drive customers and prospects to your website.

To get the right mix of print and digital for your business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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