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Print advertising continues to be a powerful way to get your business noticed and is highly effective in getting your message across if you create a concept that will stick in people’s minds. Check out these innovative examples to see just how inspiring print advertising can be.

5 Awesome Print Advertising


M&Ms enjoy great success with their TV campaigns, but they managed a successful transition to print with this campaign to let people know they could now customise their own M&Ms. The keyboard layout is instantly recognisable and is a playful way to showcase their product. The tagline communication just got sweeter further mirrors the sweetness of the campaign itself.  

M&Ms print ad









Omo Washing Detergent

If you want to see an innovative way to use print advertising to promote washing powder then this campaign for OMO has it all. It is part of a series that features different scenes that have been created from dirt to emphasise the product’s cleaning capabilities. We love the intricate detail of this print ad with the 3D effect tree (complete with apple falling from it)!

Omo print ad










This print ad for a painkiller medication is a great example of how quirky illustrations work well in print. Rather than the usual close-up image of someone in pain, this series features a number of situations in various shades of pastels to capture your attention. We’re pretty sure that if you saw this in a magazine, you’d stop to take a look.

Anador print ad










Kids of all ages (and adults for that matter) love Play-Doh and this print ad showcase just how an uncomplicated simple idea can capture the imagination. The sticker effect has been around for years but you can see from this print ad that it still works. Add to this a strong colour scheme and a simple approach and you have a winning formula for a print campaign. 

Playdoh print ad









Dumb Ways to Die

This public safety campaign for Melbourne’s metro train system was a huge viral hit but it didn’t stop at digital.  The campaign also inspired a series of print ads that are just as clever. We think it’s particularly brilliant how the cuteness of the animated character designs is balanced by the goriness of their deaths to effectively convey the public safety message in print.

Dumb ways to die print ad




















For help creating innovative print campaigns for your business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.


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