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Direct_Mail_tipsIn today’s largely digital world, a physical reminder of your business can be very powerful. With your customers receiving so many intangible messages on a daily basis, and information disappearing down a news feed almost as quickly as it appeared, it can often be the tangible which gets their attention and holds it. That is the power of direct mail, and in today’s marketplace, it can be more effective than ever before. 

But to be successful, a direct mail campaign needs to tick all the boxes.

1. Engaging Design – For dynamic direct mail, the design needs to be so much more than just pretty. Every single component of the design, from the font choices to the background colour scheme needs to be emotive while instilling confidence in your brand and lending you credibility.  

2. Excellent Copy – Your heading is one of the most important components of a great direct mail distribution, a bad headline can sink an entire campaign. But a great headline isn’t everything. Your lead in paragraph needs to be engaging and concise, giving the reader a clear answer to the question “what’s in it for me?”. For engaging copy, keep your sentences short, avoid jargon, and keep your language positive. 

3. Targeted Content – A great direct mail campaign has the power to make your customers – even if they aren’t customers yet – feel valued. But at the end of the day, junk mail is still junk mail. Not only will your recipients sense it if the letter in their mail box was just dumped in every single letter box in town, but you’re much more likely to receive a beneficial response if you target your mail out to a specific audience. It’s much more effective to send out a thousand pieces to a specific demographic, than ten thousand to nobody in particular. Consider using a direct mail list to target your content to your demographic.

4. Personalised – When it comes to direct mail solutions, variable data printing is the holy grail. Variable data printing allows you to change graphics or text within your design to create a unique message for a particular sector of your clientele, or personalise your message for each individual. Each personal touch you can add to your direct mail gives you a greater chance of connecting with your recipient.

5. Tracked & Measured – One of the most powerful things about direct mail is that it’s measurable, but in order to make the most of it’s measurability you need to implement reporting strategies. Consider a split test mail out to track reply rates, and use different phone numbers to track responses. Use the information you gather to hone your marketing techniques, so with each mail out you will see greater results.

To get advice on how you can make your next direct mail campaign a success, contact the Kwik Kopy team today to speak to one of our direct mail experts. 

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