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Barcoding for businessBar coding and distribution services can significantly reduce your postage costs and ensure effective processing of your mail by reducing both your returned mail rate and your mail processing times.

Bar coding is a requirement if you intend to use Australia Post delivery services for:

  • Presorting
  • Acquisition Mail
  • Charity Mail

It can also be beneficial to your business for a large range of mail services.

When you choose a Kwik Kopy bar code and distribution service, our staff will process the addresses in your customer database, crosscheck the data with the Postal Address File Database (PAF) and give your addresses an Australia Post AMAS approved bar code.  This means each piece of mail will be sent to a valid address, dramatically reducing your returned mail rate for each campaign.

Kwik Kopy has a strong focus on Information Validation. We use address validation functions to:

  • Remove all invalid or incorrect address information from your system
  • Improve the overall quality of your data
  • Save you money on mail fees
  • Clean your database
  • Increase the deliverability of your mail

Bar coding services Can Save You Money

Bar coding increases the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns by ensuring your mail outs are sent to the right people. It will also allow you to take advantage of the significant bar coded mail discounts available through Australia Post.

Outsourcing Mail Can Save You Time

Part of running a successful business is knowing when to delegate. Outsourcing aspects of your direct mail campaign means your mailing is taken care of.  This frees you and your staff to focus on the more integral aspects of your business.

If you send large quantities of business mail or plan to as part of a future marketing campaign, it can make good business sense to look into a bar coding and distribution service.

At Kwik Kopy we pride ourselves on offering a fast and accurate way to validate your records and improve the effectiveness of your client communication. We have quality data tools available to make every aspect of your bar coding a breeze.

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