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Your annual report is a vitally important document for your brand. It’s not just about satisfying a legal requirement for your business, it’s also a statement about your business and how you are finding success. When your annual report is well executed, it can elevate your brand and boost your business in ways you might not even realise.

When Warby Parker used an interactive infographic for their annual report in 2012 it was retweeted over 2000 times! It also resulted in their highest three consecutive days of sales ever; even more than when they were featured in the New York Times.

5 Ways to Bring your Annual Report Design to Life

  1. Humanise Your Brand – The strongest brand relationships are formed through human connection. Use your annual report to not only share financial information, but to lift the curtain on who and what your brand represents. Include human stories about your brand, include photos, showcase your culture and always use your ‘brand voice’ as you write.

  2. Visualise Your Numbers – Effective data visualisation, with charts and graphs, is key when you’re creating a data heavy document. The human brain is pre-wired for visual communication so it makes the information far easier to understand.

  3. Think About Visual Design – The visual design of your annual report should be an extension of your brand identity. But you might also want to choose a visual theme or metaphor for your report; something that complements the story you’re telling about the brand.

  4. Go Beyond Print – Of course we love print, but these days it’s common to see digital, interactive, and even video reports. Whichever format you choose, look for opportunities to engage your audience with interactive content. The more they engage, the more invested they’ll be in what they’re reading.

  5. Surprise Your Audience – creating a truly memorable annual report can be a great way to get your brand the attention it deserves, so don’t be afraid to come up with something creative. Need some inspiration?

            – in 2015, Flywheel’s annual report included a story about the CEO getting a tattoo of the company logo, to celebrate, they created customised temporary tattoos to send to their readers.

            – In 2007, Bruketa & Žinić designed an annual report for Podravka food company as a cookbook with invisible ink, asking readers to BAKE the booklet to see the text appear.

            – Banques Alimentaires Quebec chose to showcase their 2012-2013 annual report by presenting it wrapped around a paint can.

Need help creating the perfect annual report for your brand? Contact the team at Kwik Kopy today to find out how we can help.

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