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Variable data printing benefitsWe live in a fast-paced digital environment where your customers and prospects are being showered with information everywhere they look. As a result they are turned off by messages that are simply not relevant to their needs and specific interests.

If you want to create greater brand awareness and sales for your business, then it’s important to take time to learn what your target market wants and when they want it. Variable data printing allows you to provide the targeted one-to-one communications that your customers and prospects crave.

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of on-demand digital printing that produces personalised documents targeted to each individual. Variable data printing lets you change aspects of your design to make it more relatable to each of your target market. Elements such as text, graphics and images can be changed from one page to the next in order to customise your printed material based on recipient information from your databases.

In this age of technology, your business is able to engage in one-on-one communications with customers and prospects like never before. The internet, email, mobile, social media all contribute to this new world of information. It’s also possible to obtain instant feedback via these channels to help you build a more complete picture of each and every person.

By taking the time to build more comprehensive profiles of your target market and store these in your business databases, you will be able to create a range of personalised marketing communications and promotions with increased relevance leading to increased response rates.

As you can see, personalisation of your customer communications is more important than ever before. The good news is that variable data printing is constantly evolving and offering more and more possibilities.

The data you collect will enable you to offer different levels of personalisation in your campaigns – from the simple to the more detailed, such as:

  • Targeting within specific postcode areas
  • Segmenting by gender
  • Using purchase history to mail relevant offers
  • Using existing customer profiles to identify other similar prospects
  • Using individual images relating to something the target already owns or uses
  • Send a combination of promotional inserts relevant to the content of each personalised mailing 

For advice on how to create higher customer engagement with variable data printing for your business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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