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Digital PrintingSince the evolution of digital printing, reproducing images and documents has become more advanced, faster and more accessible. While offset printing requires large machinery, highly trained operators and longer lead times, digital printing is often more suitable for those smaller print jobs that require a speedy turnaround.

More than just firing off some copies of a document on your desktop printer, digital printing from a professional printing centre allows businesses of all sizes to access high quality printed promotional items. Professional digital printing also has the added benefit of a very fast drying time, meaning that trimming, folding or finishing can be completed soon after the page leaves the machine.

Another advantage to users of digital printing, especially for marketing materials and promotional products, is variable data printing. Variable data printing allows for a specific image or piece of text to be customised on each print. For example, the names of individual clients could be printed onto their very own personalised copy of a brochure. And given that personalised, targeted marketing material is quite often more successful than generic printed material, opting for digital printing and variable data fields could give your flyers and brochures that little something extra.

Traditionally, digital printing has been thought of as having a lower reproduction quality when compared to offset printing. Advances have been made more recently, however, that mean the quality of professional digital printing is much greater than it once was. Problems, as with all forms of printing, are only likely to occur if pre-print setup is not completed properly.

To avoid quality issues and to make sure your digital printing looks as good on paper as it does on your computer screen, there are a number of factors that should be considered, including image format and colour selection. For the best result, use a graphic designer that fully understands the digital printing process and ensure your file is completely print ready. Or, better yet, try Kwik Kopy for a combined printing and design team that are able to assist you with your next digital printing project.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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