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The holiday season is the perfect time to give sales a boost with festive and summer marketing promotions. Business opportunities are at their peak with people shopping up a storm looking for the perfect Christmas gift or eagerly awaiting the annual holiday sales. With bargain hunters lining up to shop in-store and online, let’s look at how to maximise exposure for your business and ensure your products and services are the ones in high demand.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Sales

1. Let your brand shine

Now is the perfect time of year to showcase some holiday spirit with your promotions. Think about hiring an in-store Santa for photo opportunities and to spread some festive cheer. Santa and his helpers can also be out on the street handing out flyers to entice shoppers with a special promotional offer. Tailor promotions to appeal to your target customers and use this time of your as a chance to some fun.

the body shop christmas shop front display

2. Ooze gift appeal

Make sure your storefront oozes street appeal with eye-catching window signage and a-frames promoting what you have inside. Let everyone enjoy a stress-free shopping experience by using wayfinding signage and floor graphics to help customers find their way around. Make sure your shop is set up with posters, point of sale material and signage to help draw attention to your promotions and products. Also look for ways to add value for your customers by offering gift wrapping either as a free service or for a gold coin charitable donation.

3. Spread the word far and wide

Personalised direct mail, unaddressed mail and catalogues sent out to your customers are a great way to share your message far and wide that you have a promotion worth paying attention to. Try promoting gift ideas in catalogues and on your website, making choosing the perfect gift easier by organising into categories such as gifts for him and her. You can also help shoppers manage their budgets by organising gifts according to dollar value e.g. gifts under $20, gifts under $100 as well as Kris Kringle gift ideas.

4. Don’t forget to be social

christmas sale promotion advertisement

Social media is a must for creating a buzz around your holiday sales. Look for different ways to appeal to your target audience using clever copy, images, video, even memes! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all your best friend at this time of year. Avoid the hard sell and use social media to engage with customers advertising special offers, deal of the day, pop up sales, exclusive events such as customer VIP shopping night. Try a Christmas or holiday sales countdown, align your messages to current trending topics, you can even team up with other businesses in your area for a bit of cross-promotion.

5. Start planning for next year

It’s never too early to invest in ways to put you ahead of the competition. As soon as you’ve survived the silly season, start planning for the next 12-months with a marketing strategy that will maximise customer engagement and deliver a healthy return on investment. Remember, Christmas and New Year aren’t the only time your customers are looking for sales and promotions. Align marketing efforts with other holidays and events on the calendar that will appeal to your targets and ensure your promotions are timely and relevant in the year ahead.

For effective promotional campaigns that ensure your holiday sales draw in the crowds, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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