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We all have fond memories of our teachers switching on the overhead projector, the light filling the darkened classroom as pimply high school kids squirm in their seats. Transparency printing was what teachers and businesses relied heavily on to illustrate their point, discuss ideas or explain concepts by flashing the content onto a blank wall or screen (the content is printed on a sheet of transparent film).

But in today’s schools and businesses the last thing you are likely to see is a clunky overhead projector and a stack of transparent paper, instead interactive white boards adorn the walls where blackboards or white boards used to hang. But is transparent printing dead or do we just need a new way to use it?

In this blog, we will outline the basic benefits of transparency printing and how you can use it to your advantage in your business. Let’s look at 3 modern examples of transparency printing.


Whether it’s an event invite or a Christmas party invitation, transparency printing is perfect for adding that extra layer and dimension to your standard invitations. Transparency film can be printed in both black and white and in colour, making your options endless and your imagination the limit.

You can simply add a transparency sheet to the top of your invitation with a simple shape or imagine, inviting your guest to want to take a peek at what’s behind the veil. Transparency sheets can be clear or frosted, depending on the look you’re going for.


Who knew that you could use transparency paper to make stamps? Rachel Johnson from Craft Critique creates custom stamps with the help of transparency printing and a stamp maker. The stamp maker and transparency film allow you to create custom stamps, which can be used on client mail outs and reminders or even to decorate and personalise letters or ‘with compliments’ slips. We warn you though, this could get addictive!


Is there anything that digital technology has replicated? Cards, invitations and calendars can all be accessed and created through digital platforms, but nothing quite beats the excitement of receiving a physical invitation or card. And, there’s nothing like crossing off another day on the calendar in red pen as you count down to your holiday.  Creating customised calendars for your staff members can be a cute Christmas thankyou, which also doubles as a handy and functional piece of stationary for their workspace. In this example by One Lucky Day, transparency sheets have being used to print calendars, which are then fixed to painted backgrounds or raw timber clipboards.

With a little imagination and the help of transparency film and a printer, your regular invitations, calendars and cards can be transformed from ordinary, to a little bit fancy.

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