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Logo_designAs a representation of your business and the most memorable aspect of your business identity, your logo is meant to be a work of art. It needs to be simple, yet captivating and it needs to speak clearly to your customers.

Did You Know?

The word ‘logo’ itself comes from the Greek ‘logos’, meaning ‘word’ or ‘speech’.

A great company logo design will create a strong first impression. It is a statement of intent that can immediately boost your reputation.  It clearly sets your business and branding apart from the competition – so it pays to have something special.

A great logo design will also offer a continuing return on investment as long as people recognise and value what it stands for.

Why get professional help?

Throughout history, well-designed logos or emblems, like brands, have been highly valued by business owners, rulers and entire populations for what they represent.

The great ones – emblems that created a lasting impression – were often designed by artisans, people who specialised in creating reputations for their clients through their art.

Logos weren’t commonly viewed as commodities that you could pick up cheaply from a flea market (or these days – on the internet) or put together yourself.

Whether your design starts with a few strokes of a pencil, paintbrush or mouse, the important thing to remember is that it’s not about knowing how to use the tools that really matters: it’s the eye for design that counts.

As business owners, most of us have creative tendencies and ideas about what pleases us aesthetically – all highly valuable when planning a logo design – but if you want the best results, it’s worth spending the money to get a logo created by someone who specialises in the art.

While business owners channel their creativity into developing products, services and strategies to make money, good designers channel theirs into refining their eye for design. Designers who know their stuff are aware of what’s out there in the design market and are keen to build reputations for work that has ongoing value.

Expert Tip:

“Don’t let your personal aesthetics get in the way when evolving your brand. Everything you communicate needs to be on message and relevant to your customers. You might like pastels and florals but think twice about including them in your logo and other branding if you’re not selling something soft, feminine and personal. Every time you refresh your designs, they need to meet and reassure the expectations of potential customers, not be a reflection of your current favourite colours, however pretty they may be. You need to put your own sense of what looks nice to one side and think, what are customers looking for?”

Bruce Daly, Art Director, Smarter Business Ideas

Kwik Kopy designers are passionate about design and can create a company logo design that imparts a lasting impression for your business.  

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