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Finishing servicesWith most things in life, less is quite often more. When selecting the finishing touches for your print job, this idea should be kept front of mind. The right finishes on the right printed material can really create something special. Kwik Kopy offer a wide variety of services that can bring a professional flavour to your business stationery, business cards and promotional material.

  • Spot Varnishing – To add texture to business cards, spot varnishing is a popular option. A special effect applied to specific areas of the print surface, spot varnishing can be used for highlighting a particular piece of information or simply for decoration.
  • Embossing – Utilised in a similar way to spot varnishing, embossing brings a three-dimensional aspect to printed material, and can be used on almost any paper-based stationery. As a finishing service, it can add interest and texture to graphics and text on business cards, letterheads and invitations.
  • Foiling – Often combined with embossing, foiling provides a luxe finish to printed jobs. Adding interest and texture, foiling is perfect for jobs that need a sparkling finish such as turning ordinary sheets of paper into crowd-pleasing certificates or giving eye-catching detail to promotional material.
  • Die-cutting – Add a unique edge to your printing job with die-cutting. It allows for custom cut-outs or slits to be created in items such as business cards, brochures and folders and can give an interesting look to an otherwise traditional printed item.
  • Perforation – Perfect for printed promotions, Kwik Kopy offer the option of perforation. Necessary for items requiring a tear-away section, perforating is commonly used in catalogues, flyers or newsletters featuring special offers or vouchers. This allows your customer to keep the printed material, even after they redeem their special offer.
  • Folding and creasing – Regularly underestimated for its importance, the folding of a brochure can really impact the way it is received. Kwik Kopy offer folding options that range from large volume machine-based folding to intricate hand-folded custom jobs. Creasing is also available for items such as Christmas cards or as a pre-folding treatment for paper heavier than 170gsm.

Kwik Kopy’s finishing services aren’t just limited to the ones featured here. Other options to finish off your printing projects include cutting and trimming, stapling, hole punching, booklet-making, perfect binding and laminating. Contact your local Kwik Kopy to find out how they can add something special to your next print job.

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