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ProofingHow to avoid printing errors:

pdfKwik Kopy Proofing Checklist

One of the most important tasks you can undertake before sending a document to print is to ensure that you have thoroughly proofed the document. It is very easy to forget this step when you are rushing to get something printed, but the last thing you want is a spelling mistake or grammatical error popping up after your job has been printed.

Here are some tips for better proofing:

Keep a master proof
Transfer everyone’s corrections onto a master proof. Do not give your designer lots of proofs, each with different corrections. Some corrections may conflict with each other, and only you can arbitrate. On top of which, it is incredibly time consuming for the designer.

Good clean copy makes for good accurate materials
Try to send a designer copy only when it has been approved, spell checked and signed-off. This minimises corrections, reduces your design costs and, believe it or not, saves time. It also vastly increases the likelihood of producing accurate materials.

Beware of spell check
Spell check is not enough. It will only correct what has been misspelled. It is incredibly easy to type an instead of and. Read every single word.

Don’t speed read
If the page begins to swim in front of your eyes, read it backwards – that is, from the end of the sentence to the beginning. This slows you down. Or use a ruler or card and read proofs line by line, avoiding the temptation to speed read. Read every word, noting every letter, spacing, line breaks, type styles and all punctuation. Avoid lines with only one word, awkward line breaks that destroy the sense of the copy and column breaks that occur mid sentence or mid idea.

Be consistent
Dates – date month year OR month date comma year – whichever convention you decide on, be consistent. This also refers to headings throughout the article they should be consistent.

Another pair of eyes
Find someone who hasn’t seen it before, to give the flier or ad a once-over before you go to press.

Don’t panic
Another four hours doing a last minute check won’t hurt, even though the deadline has passed. Take the phone of the hook and close the door. Read it one more time. As a printer once said, “there’s always time for a costly reprint, if it’s wrong.”

Don’t rely on the designer
Designers have other things on their minds and never ever, it seems, notice that they have retyped your headline incorrectly. Find out what they have retyped and read every single word carefully.

We have designed a Proofing Checklist to make life easier for you. You can download the Proofing Checklist below:

pdfKwik Kopy Proofing Checklist

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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