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eCommerce is more popular than ever, but the increase in online sales and delivery worldwide comes at a cost to the planet. Consumers regularly find themselves swimming in a sea of plastic wrap and cardboard boxes, and now the pressure is on for businesses to increase their sustainability efforts when it comes to their packaging options.

Boost your brand reputation with these sustainable packaging options

Biodegradable Packaging Peanuts

Historically, styrofoam has been the package filler of choice for businesses around the globe. The standard expanded polystyrene foam peanut is neither biodegradable or recyclable so after your customer has unpacked their item, the waste will sit in landfill for decades, or even worse, end up polluting our waterways. But there is a better option, biodegradable peanuts are water soluble and break down within minutes. 

Kwik Kopy - Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Cardboard “Bubble” Wrap

Traditional bubble wrap may be fun to pop, but it can be a disaster for the environment. These days there are a number of environmentally friendly options available. Corrugated bubble wrap packaging is a special wrap made of upcycled corrugated cardboard. Not only is it already post consumer waste that’s being reused but it’s also fully recyclable once your package is unwrapped.

Inflatable Plastic Wrap

Inflatable air “pillows” are a great alternative to the traditional styrofoam or bubble wrap options. They are perfect for filling the empty spaces in your boxes and provide a lot of protection for your goods. Just make sure you’re buying the 100% biodegradable version made out of recycled plastic.

Kwik Kopy-sustainable-packaging-inflatable-packaging

Food Based Packaging

Organic, inexpensive and extremely eco-friendly, food based packaging is a fantastic alternative to plastics. From cornstarch packaging (which can be molded almost exactly like plastic) through to mushroom packaging (also known as mycelium), even edible seaweed pckaging (pictured below)! Food based packaging is taking environmentally friendly product packaging to a whole new level.

Source: Material District

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

Of course no matter how inventive you get with your inner packaging when shipping out eCommerce orders, you still need a strong, sturdy cardboard box fit for postage to get your package to your customer. Unsustainably sourced cardboard has a dramatic impact on our environment so it’s important to ask questions about where your cardboard is coming from. Making sure your materials have FSC certification is a great way to ensure you’re choosing eco-friendly brands. Speak to our Kwik Kopy team about creating custom branded packaging out of sustainable materials.

Interested in making your parcel packaging as eco-friendly as possible? Contact your local Kwik Kopy centre today to find out how we can help.


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