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Print Provokes whitepaperDownload Whitepaper: Value of Print 

Print can get your business in front of the right people, at the right time.

The best way to market your business is to utilise as many channels as possible, digital, experiential, print and more! Included in the Fact Sheets we’ve covered off some of the benefits of paper and print specifically for our business customers including Brand, Return On Investment, Path to Purchase, Innovation and Sustainability. You might even find out some stats that will surprise you!



Brand whitepaperDownload: Branding Fact Sheet

A brand is your brand name, a symbol or even a design that identifies and differentiates your product or service from your competitors. A company’s brand defines who it is, establishes credibility and reinforces brand values. Quality printed marketing collateral enhances your overall brand message. Download the Brand Fact Sheet to find out how paper and print deliver consistency for business brands worldwide.


ROI whitepaperDownload: Return of Investment Fact Sheet

You’re in business to make money, it’s that simple! Return On Investment (ROI) is the measurement of efficiency in converting your business investment into profit. The primary benefit of print is that it is tangible. You can touch, feel and engage with print, which is why it’s a key purchase driver for some of the biggest brands across the country. Download the Return on Investment Fact Sheet and find out just how powerful print can be for your business.


Path to purchase whitepaperDownload: Path to Purchase Fact Sheet

Consumers of today use multiple forms of media to connect with brands, products and services.

The element of success is found when you are the most influential at the critical time of purchase.Understanding the customer’s path to purchase provides marketers and media buyers insight into the customers’ purchasing journey. Which media is most useful to the customer at the exact time that they are looking to buy? What media mix delivers the best sales outcome? Download the Path to Purchase Fact Sheet and super charge your marketing reach with print media.



Innovation whitepaperDownload: Innovation Fact Sheet

Innovation can be more than just your product or service, it can also be how you promote, market, sell and look after your customers.

Paper and print technologies are advancing rapidly. Now is your opportunity to stand out from competitors with creative ideas and applications. Download the Innovation Fact Sheet to find new and exciting ways to use paper and print in your business marketing mix.




Value of paper and print - sustainabilityDownload: Sustainability Fact Sheet

Being sustainable is more than just being environmentally aware, it’s also about being smarter. There are two sides to paper and you should feel confident about using it. Paper is made from renewable resources, it is recyclable and reuseable. Ask your local Kwik Kopy Centre to guide you through selecting eco-friendly paper that best suits your next print project. Download the Eco-Friendly Fact Sheet and find out for yourself the environmental impact of paper and print.


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