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Here are the top 5 print finishes to take your business printing to the next level. Increase usability and the appearance of your documents with Kwik Kopy.

There is a range of finishing services available to take your print project from boring and lacklustre to a piece that is engaging and effectively communicates your message. This blog will highlight the top 5 print finishes available from Kwik Kopy to take your printed project to the next level.

Booklet MakingPrinting finishes

Large documents can be overwhelming especially in a busy business environment. By adapting these important documents into a booklet form, you can increase reader engagement while also making the document more visually appealing and professional. Booklets are great for sales presentations or representing brand narratives, stories and offerings.

# Top Tips – Use colour effectively and consider your paper choice. Talking to a professional about the options available can save you time and money in the long run.


Laminating is a cost effective way to increase documents durability, longevity and professional appearance.  This finish is also ideal for using on documents that will be handled readily or kept on display like safety documents, certificates and instructional forms.

# Top Tip – Laminating in large volumes can be time consuming and fiddly. We recommend always using a professional service to ensure the professional finish you require and to save cost.

Spot Varnish

While you might not be aware of the term, you are undoubtedly aware of this popular finish. Spot varnish is a great technique used to create focal points and highlight key information in a particular document. Spot varnish is typically used on cover documents, booklets, brochures and posters to highlight business logos or tag lines.

# Top Tip – This is a great way to increase a document’s professional appearance but don’t go over the top. Less tends to be more with this one.


Take your two-dimensional document and create texture and focal points with professional embossing. This technique is a great way to create interest and audience interaction with any document. Embossing is commonly used for paper-based documents that require that extra level of professionalism like business cards, corporate invitations or letterheads.

# Top Tip – Similar to spot varnish, embossing is great to create focal points. This means it shouldn’t be used excessively or it may lose impact.

FoldingPrint finishes

In a time poor environment, the idea of perfectly folding individual documents for hours on end is totally impractical. On top of this, by folding a document like a brochure the wrong way can mean information is missed or skipped over. Whereas, folding a document effectively can increase useability and enhance layout.

# Top Tip – This finish can be used for a range of document types but is commonly utilised for brochures, informational documents and invitations.

If you would like to take your printing to the next level and discuss finishes that will suit your business needs talk to Kwik Kopy today!

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