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Print_ManagementWhen you’re running a business, managing your print needs in-house can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Although it seems counter intuitive, it is often the case that outsourcing your business’s printing needs will save you a considerable amount of money, result in a better quality product as well as reduce both your time investment and the number of headaches for you and your staff!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for Successful Business Print Management:

Outsource Your Printing: Outsourcing means having a consistently high quality product, never having to deal with machinery breakdowns or servicing glitches and never having to waste the talents of your top staff as they hand collate materials or staple brochures.

Get a Designer: The quality of your print materials is directly related to the quality of your design. Quality design tells a story and a great designer understands how to use every inch of space to communicate your message effectively. Your designer knows exactly which shade of blue to use to evoke certain feelings in your audience. Yes, you could take time out of your schedule to learn the basics of design software and fashion something that works, but it takes years to become a design master and when it comes to the credibility of your business, you deserve a master!

Choose a One-Stop-Shop: When finding a print shop to outsource your print management to, try to find a business that can cover all of your needs rather than outsourcing a range of jobs to a range of different companies. There are significant savings to be had if you design and print your materials through the same company.  You can also save yourself considerable headaches down the track if your print company also specialises in digital media and can seamlessly integrate your current designs into a web banner or digital template.

Upgrade Your Paper: When you’re choosing paper stock for your tactile marketing materials it’s important to choose a quality product. When your customer picks up your brochure or flyer, before they even register the design or message, they are forming an impression about your company based only on the weight, finish and feel of the paper in their hands. Although it may seem frivolous, your paper choice actually says a lot about your business.

Consider a Web2Print Solution: If you’re looking for design flexibility and the opportunity to manage your own print needs, then it might be worth considering a web to print solution like our Zenith software. You can access your entire print catalogue from any web browser, see real-time proofs, upload PDFs and convert them into an editable template; you can even edit current designs. Web2Print allows you to have greater control of your printed materials, with access to billing information and print tracking, all in one user-friendly, intuitive interface.

If you’re considering outsourcing your print management, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today for a free consultation and obligation free quote.

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