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Promotional_productsPromotional products can be a great way to promote your business and make your customers, business partners, and suppliers feel appreciated but choosing the right products – and the right time you use them – is an important part of creating the perfect promotional campaign.

If you open your drawer right now you’re likely to see at least one branded pen floating around in there. There’s probably another in your bag and another in your car; we’ve all got them, because they are a nice, inexpensive and easy promotional option. But let’s be honest – you aren’t going to win any hearts a promotional pen.

Expert Tip:

“The biggest driver for using branded promotions is staying front of mind with your customers. The best promotional product you can give to a customer is one they’ll use every day in the working environment. It’s a permanent reminder, subliminally or otherwise, of the usefulness of your relationship. Certainly, the Kwik Kopy ethos to use in promotional products is always about functionality. There is also an element of esteem and aesthetics, and the recipient is more likely to value it if you personalise the gift.”

Richard Baker, Creative Director, Kwik Kopy Australia

Things to consider when choosing your promotional products:

  • Is it relevant to the audience?
  • Does it make sense coming from your business?
  • Will they value it? How else will they react?
  • Is it an instant reward or something they’ll benefit from day-to-day?
  • Will it help them do their own job or enhance their personal time?
  • What is the return on investment? (Not just the cost per unit)

Half the battle is choosing a product that your customers value or want to use, but it’s important too to take into consideration the time, place or occasion that best suits the items you have chosen.

Here are some ideas for where and when you should consider giving away the promotional products you’ve created for your business:

Giveaways for Customers:

Direct Mail Campaigns

Sales Incentive Gifts

New Product Launches

Customer Loyalty Schemes

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Conferences and Seminars

Corporate Hospitality Days

Charity and Fundraising Events

Gifts for Staff:

Team Building Events

Staff Incentives

Staff Anniversaries and Long Service

Corporate Anniversaries and Achievement

Branded Materials for Business Partners and Distributors:

Outdoor Promotions – stands, barriers, umbrellas and tents

Point of Salebanners, display stands, shelving units, shelf talkers, carry bags, posters and signs

Events – carts, tents, stands, umbrellas, inflatables and kiosks

Sales Incentives – gifts and samples of new products 


We can help you source the perfect promotional products to wow your customers. 

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