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printIn a world where an online presence is so important for small business, it can be easy to overlook all things print. However, when it comes to putting together the perfect marketing mix, including the right print channels can help give you maximum reach and exposure, not to mention that all important return on investment for your marketing spend.

Even with so much technology at the disposal of today’s consumer, print continues to be as important as ever – and people love to get their hands on something tangible. Give your customer a brochure, flyer, direct mail piece or voucher on quality stock with a great finish and you’ll have their full attention.

Here are 3 reasons why print is still the ideal marketing medium…

Print is Effective For Any Campaign

Print offers the ideal marketing medium and is both engaging and versatile, not to mention giving you plenty of opportunity to show your creativity.

Print Makes a Connection

Print lets you show your customers that you understand their needs and once your target market picks up your print medium, they are investing time and giving your company their attention.

Print Builds Relationships

These days you have the capacity to target your audience based on the exact profile and needs of your customers. Get your print content right and you have the potential to build much stronger relationships.

Your targets can be effectively reached through a variety of print media with endless possibilities for attention grabbing content. Personalisation can add to the effectiveness of print in the marketing mix as customers often respond to a customised approach.

Whether it’s a news update, general information, education, customer loyalty program or promotional offer, there will always be a print medium that’s just right for your message and audience.  Direct mail can help you open doors with targeted sales messages to customers or prospects. Alternatively, catalogues give a customer the chance to browse and can even lead people to your website to make a purchase.

Reading something in print demands the full attention of your customer and the lack of distractions when reading something in print lets your customer focus fully on the content and marketing message you want to reach them.

Studies have even found that people who read print maintain longer concentration and increase their engagement, as opposed to those reading a lot of online material who become used to bite-sized pieces of information and are distracted easily.

For help choosing the right print products for your target market, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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