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We’ve all heard of distracted driving but have you heard of distracted walking? 

I recently read a study* that said over 20% of pedestrians were using their smartphones when crossing roads. The research further suggests that more critical events occurred with smartphone users compared to non-smartphone users. We used to walk around looking up at our surroundings, but it seems now most of us have our eyes looking down. I pondered this study as I walked through a large store, ironically not paying attention to anything around me. I diligently followed the arrows on the floor that guided me along a path, bound for the checkout.

I waited patiently in the queue. Almost every person around me was looking down at their phone. Is it possible to market to consumers when they are looking down? Then it hit me. Could the answer be on the very ground I was walking on? 

10 Great Reasons to Consider Floor Decals

  • Floor decals allow you precious advertising positions without loss of other valuable space. 
  • They are more likely to get the attention of customers who aren’t looking around.
  • Creative graphics can transform blank walkways, aisles or corridors into advertising and information hotspots or even mysterious optical illusions.
Sale Floor Decals
  • A combination of cleverly placed and visually engaging floor decals, can lead to selfie and Instagram opportunities. This means plenty of shares and potential likes on social media. 
  • Floor decals can, and should, be placed right in the middle of high foot traffic areas.
  • People expect to see window and wall posters and signage. Making your decals interesting and eye-catching presents something totally different.
  • Most people walking, or waiting, are looking down. They are more likely to see something on the floor than something on a wall.
  • Floor decals are extremely versatile and can be cut to almost any shape or size. They can be designed as a safety notice, to relay information, or to promote or inspire.
  • Non-slip, non-skid, scratch and scuff resistant, floor stickers are suitable for almost any surface including tiles, wood, carpet, and concrete.
  • This type of marketing is highly effective and won’t break the budget.


Experiential marketing is about emotionally connecting your brand with its consumers. Fun and engaging marketing tactics give potential customers the chance to notice and see your products or services in a new way, encouraging them to find out more.

If your goal is to present another opportunity to show off your brand, sell more products or promote your services, then floor decals are a highly innovative way to market.  

Contact your local Kwik Kopy now to find out how to get the floor in your business working for you.

*Horberry, T., Osborne, R., & Young, K. (2019). Pedestrian smartphone distraction: prevalence and potential severity. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 60, 515-523.

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