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There are times in life when you have to take a few risks to succeed. And if you’re a small business looking to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, then it can pay to think outside the box when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Not everyone can be weird and wacky but there’s no harm in drawing inspiration from those who have succeeded with a more unconventional approach to their marketing and promotions. Sometimes seeing is believing – as demonstrated with these marketing campaigns.

3 Successful (Unconventional) Marketing Approaches

  1. Know What your Customers Lovemarketing-campaign-creative-candle

    If you’re able to produce a product or deliver a service that reflects an understanding of what your customers love then you have your brand’s unique value proposition.

    Marketing Campaign Example: Diamond Candles
    Successful products and services often have marketing built into them. Take Diamond Candles, for example, that sells candles with a difference. Each and every candle sold comes with a hidden treasure – a ring valued at either $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. Candles and diamonds aren’t an immediate pairing that springs to mind but when the company learned that 98% of home fragrance dollars were spent by women they felt it was a natural fit.

  1. Creativity Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

    Offline promotions still offer affordable and effective marketing collateral and solutions. They are at their most powerful when also used to drive traffic to your website.

    Marketing Campaign Example: The Penny Hoarder
    The Penny Hoarder blog is a great example of using offline promotion to attract online visitors. Rather than promoting the obvious (his blog), Owner, Kyle Taylor chose one of the more popular articles on his site – I Get Paid to Buy Beer. He bought the domain and permanently redirected the domain to the article on his blog site (hoping visitors would then explore the rest of his content). Rather than the expense of an AdWords campaign, his chosen promotional tool was bumper stickers which he hired students to distribute around their colleges. Within 2 weeks, Taylor had generated 300 new visitors at 40 cents per visit. He was still able to track visitors in Google Analytics as his blog visitors were recorded as a referring site.

  1. Use Humour to Boost Interest in your Product or Service

    If your product or service is run-of-the-mill then it’s worth considering injecting humour to give things a bit of a boost. Try being funny or over the top to really make an impression.

    Marketing Campaign Example: Poo-Pourri
    Some may find it tricky to market an essential oils product designed to eliminate bathroom odours, but not Poo-Pourri. They decided to create a video of an actress cracking poop jokes that went viral (currently with close to 40 million views). This popularity resulted in the company releasing a whole series of poop-related videos that are enjoying a loyal following.


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