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5 Simple Steps to Writing a Killer Marketing Briefmarketing-brief-photo

A great marketing brief should lay the foundation to any marketing campaign or collateral your company develops. You see writing a killer marketing brief is a sure-fire way of letting suppliers know exactly what you want. Better still, a strong brief is going to ensure your marketing agency delivers exactly what you want, on time and on budget.

Let’s look at some simple steps to writing an effective marketing brief so that you and your suppliers are always on the same page.


How to Write a Marketing Brief in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Set the Scene

Use plain English to set the scene for your supplier and explain the purpose behind your marketing initiative. Include a summary of your business, products and/or services as well as some background information about your branding and what your brand stands for.  It might also be helpful to share any research findings, customer feedback or examples of competitors and their successful marketing campaigns.

  1. Define your Goals

When developing a new marketing initiative, your marketing brief should identify your objectives and clearly articulate your campaign goals. Your supplier should be able to understand the purpose of your marketing campaign or promotional collateral and what you’re trying to achieve for your business. It’s also a good idea to state your budget so your agencies know how much you have to spend on this campaign.

  1. Identify your Audiencemarketing-brief-objectives

Make sure your brief clearly identifies the target audience you want to reach together with the message you want your target market to receive. Use your marketing brief to help your agency/supplier build a picture of who you want to target as this will help with design of marketing collateral and your campaign as a whole. Provide tone of voice and branding guidelines as well as any call to action you want to include.

  1. State your Deliverables

Use your marketing brief to let your agency/supplier know exactly what you need to be created. What deliverable(s) are essential to make this campaign successful e.g. an EDM, a direct mail campaign, an advertisement, trade show flyers, web pages and social media strategy etc. How is your target going to access the deliverable? Also specify any essentials such as how your logo is used, T&Cs, disclaimer etc.

  1. Track and Measure

Use your marketing brief to identify key dates and any deadlines that your suppliers need to be able to meet. Let them know how soon will you need your deliverables or date you plan to launch your campaign. Your brief can also identify how you plan to track success and measure results – whether it’s your supplier meeting all timeline considerations or a detailed evaluation plan once the marketing deliverable or campaign is underway.

For help creating an effective marketing campaign for your business, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today.

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