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Create engaging infographicsInfographics are a great way to present complex (aka dull) information in an attention-grabbing way. But if you really want your infographics to be a successful content marketing tool that keeps you ahead of the competition and reinforces brand awareness then they need to be something people want to share.

Great infographics are memorable and make information easy to understand. If you want to increase the chances of your infographics enjoying online success then they need to include the following elements.

How to Create Engaging Infographics

  1. Avoid the Hard Sell

An infographic is the ideal vehicle for sharing valuable information relevant to your audience – buying advice, useful sales details or interesting industry information. Just remember to avoid the hard sell!

  1. Stay Topical

If you want your infographic to be shared then include reliable and timely content. For maximum impact include a unique take on things people are talking about or the issues that currently affect your targets. 

  1. Be Easy to Understand

An easy to understand design that provides visual context for your audience will help your infographic capture attention of your targets at just a glance and make them keen to absorb the entire content.

  1. Have Visual Appeal

A great infographic tells a visually appealing story that connects with its audience. Match colour palettes and image choices to your subject matter and keep words to a minimum.

  1. Check and Double-Check

Pay close attention to your quality assurance including checking the accuracy of all facts and proofing every aspect of your text and design if you want to create the right impression once your infographic is released. 

  1. Ensure Shareability

Your infographic needs to be something search engines can find easily and people want to distribute. Make your infographic easy to share by providing embed code and share links and don’t forget to include your branding!

Remember, when it comes to quality infographics it is important not to take shortcuts. Instead work with a creative team that includes the best designer and writer your budget allows who can get you the results you want for your business.


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