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Marketing pieces: printed advent calendar7 Innovative Marketing Pieces Guaranteed to Inspire You

It’s a New Year and you’re ready to find new and innovative ways to grab the attention of your customers. Get it right and direct mail campaigns can be a highly effective way to generate new leads or create awareness of your latest promotions, products and services.
Successful direct mail campaigns combine compelling messages with the right amount of creativity. Take a look at these innovative marketing pieces that managed to achieve that winning formula.

7 Must See Direct Mail Piecesinnovative-marketing-wine-invitation

1.       Advent Calendar Style Card

Creativity doesn’t always have to be complex when developing effective marketing ideas. The festive season may be over but the advent calendar style card can create a brilliant direct mail piece. A great design together with clever use of die-cutting and scoring as well as eye-catching artwork really brings this simple card to life.

2.       Wine Glass Invitation

Successful direct mail campaigns don’t always require a big budget, as demonstrated by this clever interactive marketing piece. The wine mailer has one piece that pulls out of another and as you pull, your wine glass fills up. The novelty factor of the glass filling up means your target audience are likely to play with it a couple of times, read your message for longer and even show other people!

3.       World Water Day Cardinnovative-marketing-direct-mailer

Having a great theme to work with always help your marketing pieces stand out from the crowd, as demonstrated by this water-powered mailer designed to celebrate World Water Day. Green Belgium Mailing sent out a direct mail piece where the card inside could only be read when submerged in water. We’re sure no-one could resist the urge to read the message even if it meant getting their hands wet.

4.       Avis Offline Email

Avis found a new way to stand out from the crowd of computer-generated letters by creating this personalised direct mail piece. On first impressions, this looked like a digital document but on closer inspection revealed a personal letter. Each of the 200 copies was written by hand and personalised to each customer, with the added bonus of an eye-catching letter and envelope design.

5.       Pop-up Boxinnovative-marketing-record-player

When it comes to innovative direct mail pieces, IKEA are the veterans as seen with this marketing piece included as an insert in their annual catalogue. It takes the pop-up box to a whole new level as it features their LACK side table. Open the flat-packed table and a 3D table pops up to promote how easy it is to assemble IKEA furniture. This is the type of creative direct mail piece that recipients are likely to share on social media sites which help spread the word further.

6.       Cardboard Record Player

A record player created by a piece of corrugated cardboard that fits into an envelope? Yes – this direct mail piece converts into a functional record player and contains a 45RPM record. It is mailed out flat and folds into place in one step, with recipients placing the record under the needle and spinning it using a pencil. The resurgence of vinyl seen over recent years make this direct mail piece genius!

7.       Direct Mail Targets Your Cat

Here’s one for lovers of cat videos. This Canadian bulk cat litter warehouse really thought outside the box when it came to identifying their target audience. This innovative promotional campaign was aimed at grabbing the attention of cats before their owners. The direct mail campaign was printed on catnip paper and the result was a direct mail piece that definitely got opened.

For innovative marketing pieces guaranteed to inspire your clients, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today.

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