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When you’re starting a small business, help can come from a variety of different places. There are a lot of resources available to support you as you get started, including ‘starting a small business checklist’ websites, grant information and even mentor services. But one of the biggest factors in the success, is how credible your business looks from the outside, especially in those early days.

People can be reluctant to put their faith in a new venture. One of the ways you can give yourself credibility, even when you’re the new kid on the block, is to make sure that your resources are as professional as possible.


Before you even start approaching potential customers, it’s important to have a small business marketing plan in place. The first part of that plan should be to get your business branding organised. Your brand is the essence of your business and your logo and branding materials need to communicate effectively with your audience. The right branding can do wonders for helping you get past the first few bumpy months or years of being a newbie in your niche, and can portray a sense of excellence and experience.

Web Design

In today’s digital world, your online presence is so important. Even if you aren’t planning on running your business online, people will want to interact with your brand online. That’s why it’s crucial that your website portrays your business in the best light possible. So take a closer look. What does your website say about you? There are a lot of free website builders available out there, but the cookie cutter results are easy to spot, even by those who have no interest in web design. So if portraying a sense of quality, professionalism and strength is important to you, then a professionally designed website is where you should be focusing your efforts.

Business Stationery

Often new business owners can be so focused on the intangible items in their business tool kit, like branding and online presence that they can forget to put their resources into creating beautiful, professional and functional physical reminders of their brand. Your business stationery has the potential to change the way your customers view your brand. It is one of the only physical ‘souvenirs’ of your business. Therefore it’s important that everything, from your business cards to your letterhead, portrays your business in the best possible light.

Kwik Kopy can help relieve your start up headaches and give your newly minted business a sense of experience and expertise that few start-ups possess.   Contact our team of experts for help on how to make the most of your resources and create truly professional business materials that make an impact and get results!

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